Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!

November 20, 2008

I’m 27 today. And I’m celebrating it…. I love birthdays – have never really worried about the extra years. Maybe it’ll hit me next year, or the year after, or maybe the year after that – or never hopefully!

lemon meringue layer cake

Anyway, knowing that no-one else would bake me a birthday cake – and having seen this amazing creation over on the wonderful Abi’s blog I thought I’d have a go at something similar. So I made a 10oz sponge cake mixture (250g butter, 250g sugar, 5 eggs, 250g SR flour and a teaspoon of baking powder for good luck), with the zest of 3 lemons added… seperated into three 7″ cake tins and baked. Then I squeezed the lemons and, having pierced each sponge about 15 times, spooned 5 desertspoons of lemon juice over each before leaving them to cool.

When they were nice and cool I made up some buttercream icing, adding a bit of lemon juice for good measure – and marbled the buttercream and some lemon curd between each layer.

Next I made up some Swiss Meringue mixture using 200g sugar and 100g egg whites. To do this combine the egg whites and sugar and then, whisking continually, heat over a pan of simmering water until just warm to the touch…. this is a wonderful excuse to keep dipping your finger in! Once its warm remove from the heat and whisk until cool. I also added the remainder of the lemon juice slowly… Turn the oven up high to about 220C and once you’ve frosted the cake whack it back in the oven for 5 minutes or until the tips have turned golden.

Delicious… and it seems that everyone at work thought so too, as this is all that is left – and promised to Bob who wasn’t too impressed that the humungoid cake was going to work before he could get his chops round it.

just a slice



November 18, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble with the dark evenings… its dark when I leave for work, and dark when I get home.

Its horrid knowing that you’ve missed every single hour of daylight – wasted that precious sunshine at work of all places! I’m desperate to take some photos of the brand spanking new jewellery that I made about a fortnight ago… that and the keyrings, bag/phone charms and bookmarks that went down a treat at the craft fair.

I will do it this weekend. I meant to last weekend but instead we went shopping and to the cinema. Twice.

So, keep your eye out for some fab new stocking fillers in my etsy store.

All is well…

November 14, 2008

Just a very very quick post today.

The cat has had her x-rays, the vet has taken her blood samples and looked at the x-rays – and can’t find anything wrong with her. Its good news.

But we do need to keep a close eye on what we’re feeding her before her vomiting episodes – could be that she eats her entire meal in 2 seconds flat, or that it always happens right after a particular brand… If we can’t work it out, and it keeps on happening then she’ll be referred to someone for endoscopies and further investigation!

Thank God for Pet Plan! This little lot would have cost us just over £300!!!

Poorly Pud

November 13, 2008

Martha has been being sick a lot lately… so last night I took her to the vets to see if they could figure out why. I’m a little scared that she might have managed to munch on some jewellery wire or something else.

So today she is in for the day, having various blood tests and then some xrays too. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the call to say shes ready to be picked up and that they figured out whats wrong. I’m already a nervous wreck and don’t think I could cope with any kind of prolonged investigation.

Get well soon our Martha!



November 12, 2008

I had a bit of an etsy splurge the other day after selling 3 (yes 3!!!) pairs of earrings and appearing on this blog… and 2 packets had arrived when I got home last night!


Firsly, these amazing ‘Instant Mustache – style for the facial hair challenged’ tattoo transfers. Ordered from Pish Posh Paperworks on etsy. I just had to have them… I have no idea who will end up with these at Christmas, but I can certainly envisage a large proportion of the family having a tache for at least some of the holiday!


Also through the door were some gorgeous cards and a notebook from the equally gorgeous Kate of paperleaf…I met Kate on Sunday as she was also at the handmade craft fair – what a lovely lady. We’ll both be at the East Oxford Market on November 22nd so if you’re in the area please pop by!


Our Martha

November 11, 2008

Since I managed to write about myself and the craft fair yesterday, I thought I’d devote a little time today to our Martha… the namesake of my Jewellery shop!


Martha is a gorgeous tabby cat. Shes about 2 years old now, and we’ve had her since she was a kitten. I can’t imagine life without this particular furball around. A pretty good little hunter – we’re often woken at 2am (I say we, Bob mostly sleeps through these disturbances) to find a terrified miniature rodent and an overexcited would-be murderer! That said she is always waiting for me when I get home from work, and bounds down the stairs having checked that it really is me… shes the only cat we know who answers to her name. Open the back door and call for her and she’ll be running down the garden (very vocally) to see what goodies you’ve got for her! Recently shes taken to sitting on top of the TV – this might have something to do with her fascination with Big Cat Diary, she seemed up for taking them on in a bit of a scrap!

Martha vs the Big Cats!

My first post!

November 10, 2008

I registered this blog about a year ago when I first thought about starting to sell my jewellery – but life took over and I never bothered to do anything with it!

So, today I decided to get my arse in gear.

I have registered myself on Twitter, which seems pretty cool – if you want to ‘follow’ me then you’ll find me here.

And I have started this blog.

I have started this blog, AND I actually have something to write about! Warning: this won’t be true very often. I am boring!

This weekend just gone saw the fruition of a lot of organising, sorting and chasing! I have been part of the organisational team behind the handmade craft fair. I had such a good time. I shan’t bore you with too many details but we had a queue when the doors opened at 11 – with over 1200 visitors through the course of the day. An unprecedented turn out for a first time fair.


The comments from both the public and the exhibitors were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the day – meeting so many people and seeing the amazing products they were selling. You never know, we might repeat it next year!