I’m so bad

June 17, 2009

at blogging!

Look at the evidence – I said in my last post that I was going to try to blog a bit more, and that was in February… so 4 months have passed and this is the next post. Dreadful!

Did I mention that I got engaged? Well, I did! Yey. Its only taken 9 years for him to ask – and it’ll be almost 10 years to the day when we actually take our vows. This wedding malarkey is quite a lot of work isn’t it? Especially when himself wants a say in everything but doesn’t actually want to do any of the hard work finding and thinking of things. I’m enjoying it though – I do love to organise people! Evidenced by my involvement in the Handm@de craft fairs I think.

Right. I’m off now to do a bit of actual work.


One Response to “I’m so bad”

  1. Oh dear I feel your pain, Mr Paperleaf was exactly the same! I think the only thing he actually did in the end was organize the music for the reception (ie make a playlist in itunes). Men eh!

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